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“The Digits…take part in a rally for Gov. John Kitzhaber’s proposal to expand Oregon’s tax credit for film and video production.” – The Statesman Journal




The Digits “…offer teachers anywhere an opportunity to schedule a fun and memorable math lesson” – The Argus Observer


“The Digits doesn’t teach math through drills but through an understanding of concepts.” – Technapex



The Digits “…make kids love learning, and gives parents tools to truly engage with their kids’ education.” Oregon Entrepreneurs Network



“1990s public television children’s programming meets MST3K meets Josie and the Pussycats” – Android   Police





“The Digits teach math with music and video.” – The Rock Father



Four Stars! – The Children’s Technology Review



“Edutainment at its best!” – Web Series Watch




“Really fun…really weird.” – Geek & Sundry




The Digits interview with Misty Kingma for Red Carpet Report




“There’s an educational value for the parent.  It’s a family activity.” – Center for Asian American Media


 “…the series harnesses the power of interactive media based on the premise that kids are naturally drawn to technology.” Oregon Public Broadcasting



“The Digits blends video and gaming to make math rock for kids.” – GigaOm



The Digits has been nominated for Best Educational Web Series! – International Academy of Web Television Awards



 “The Digits offers the best of both worlds as it delivers fun, engagement and excitement to children and an educational opportunity to parents.” – Laughing Squid

“See why The Digits was called “Sesame Street for the YouTube generation”; It’s funny, smart and it just may help your child love math!” -Red Tricycle


iGeneration Logo



“exciting and innovative!”  -iGeneration


“With its playful, inventive characters, The Digits indeed echoes (Sesame Street) that  educational classic of public television.”  -The Oregonian


“the storytelling novelty behind The Digits, which follows live-action characters who travel the galaxy fighting evil, is that it combines interactive game-design elements with a linear narrative.”  -Oregon Business Magazine



“The main character of the show is “Pavi,” the lead singer (and a female).  With the bias, and stereotype, that girls and women are not capable in mathematics, this is very refreshing to see.”  -Interview with Her-Film





Interview from The Argus Observer



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